1. Abrahadabra - the Reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. We have already seen that Abrahadabra is the glyph of the blending of the 5 and the 6, the Rose and the Cross. So also the Great Work, the equilibration of the 5 and the 6, is shown in this God; fivefold as a Warrior Horus, sixfold as the solar Ra. Khuit is a name of Khem the Ram-Phallus-two-plume god Amoun; so that the whole god represents in qabalistic symbolism the Second Triad (“whom all nations of men call the first").
    It is the Red descending Triangle—the sole thing visible. For Hadit and Nuit are far beyond. <Site Editor’s Note: Initiates of the I° of O.T.O. should recognize this.>
    Note that Ra-Hoor, (ראהוור) adds to 418. 

2. Suggested by a doubt arising in the mind of the prophet as to the unusual spelling. But the “I” makes a difference in the qabalistic interpretation of the name.  

3 - end. This whole book seems intended to be interpreted literally. It was so taken by the scribe at the time.
    Yet a mystical meaning is easy to find. Exempli gratia; vv. 4 - 9.

4. An Island = one of the Cakkrams or nerve-centres in the spine.

5. Fortify it! = Concentrate the mind upon it.

6. = Prevent any impressions reaching it. 

7. = I will describe a new method of meditation by which - 

8. Ye shall easily suppress invading thoughts. 

9. May mystically describe this method [e.g. Liber HHH, Section 3].
    But the course of history will determine the sense of the passage.

10. The stélé of revealing.
    That temple; it was arranged as an octagon; its length double its breadth; entrances on all four quarters of temple; enormous mirrors covering six of the eight walls (there were no mirrors in the East and West or in the western halves of the South and North sides).
    There were an altar and two obelisks in the temple; a lamp above the altar; and other furniture.
    Kiblah - any point to which one turns to pray, as Mecca is the Kiblah of the Mahometan.
    “It shall not fade” etc. It has not hitherto been practicable to carry out this command.

11. “Abstruction.” It was thought that this meant to combine abstraction and construction, i.e. the preparation of a replica, which was done.
    Of course the original is in “locked glass.”

12 - 15. This, ill-understood at the time, is now too terribly clear. The 15th verse, apparently an impossible sequel, has justified itself.

16. Courage and modesty of thought are necessary to the study of this book. Alas! we know so very little of the meaning.

17. The infinite unity is our refuge, since if our consciousness be in that unity, we shall care nothing for the friction of its component parts. And our light is the inmost point of illuminated consciousness.
    And the great Red Triangle is as a shield, and its rays are far-darting arrows!

18. An end to the humanitarian mawkishness which is destroying the human race by the deliberate artificial protection of the unfit.

19. 718 is ύπομονη, the abstract noun equivalent to Perdurabo. (A in 3° d, Anno VII.)

20. In answer to some mental “Why” of the prophet the God gives this sneering answer. Yet perhaps therein is contained some key to enable me one day to unlock the secret of verse 19, at present (A in 20° f, Anno V,) obscure. [Now (A in g, Anno VII,) clear.]

21. This was remarkably fulfilled.

22. This first charge was accomplished; but nothing resulted of a sufficiently striking nature to record.
    The Ordeal “X” will be dealt with in private.

23 - 25. This incense was made; and the prediction most marvellously fulfilled.

26, 27, 28, 29. These experiments, however, were not made.

30. Not yet accomplished (A in 20° f, Anno V.)

31. Not yet accomplished (A in 20° f, Anno V.)

32, 33. Certainly, when the time comes.

34. This prophecy, relating to centuries to come, does not concern the present writer at the moment.
    Yet he must expound it.
    The Hierarchy of the Egyptians gives us this genealogy: Isis, Osiris, Horus.
    Now the “pagan” period is that of Isis; a pastoral, natural period of simple magic. Next with Buddha, Christ, and others there came in the Equinox of Osiris; when sorrow and death are the principal objects of man’s thought, and his magical formula is that of sacrifice.
    Now, with Mohammed perhaps as its forerunner, comes in the Equinox of Horus, the young child who rises strong and conquering (with his twin Harpocrates) to avenge Osiris, and bring on the age of strength and splendour.
    His formula is not yet fully understood.
    Following him will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now ; for the Computation of Time is not here as There.

35.  Note Heru-ra-ha=418. (הרוראהא).

36 - 38. Mostly translations from the stélé.

39. This is being done; but quickly? No. I have slaved at the riddles in this book for nigh on seven years; and all is not yet clear (A in 20° f, Anno V.) Nor yet (A in g, Anno VII.)

40. I do not think it easy. Though the pen has been swift enough, once it was taken in hand. May it be that Hadit hath indeed made it secure! [I am still (A in g, Anno VII,) entirely dissatisfied.]

41. This shall be done as soon as possible.

42. This shall be attended to.

43 - 45. The two latter verses have become useless, so far as regards the person first indicated to fill the office of “Scarlet Woman.” In her case the prophecy of v. 43 has been most terribly fulfilled, to the letter; except the last paragraph. Perhaps before the publication of this comment the final catastrophe will have occurred (A in 20° f, Anno V.) It or an even more terrible equivalent is now in progress (A in g, Anno VII.) [P.S. - I sealed up the MSS. of this comment and posted it to the printer on my way to the Golf Club at Hoylake. On my arrival at the Club, I found a letter awaiting me which stated that the catastrophe had occurred.]
    Let the next upon whom the cloak may fall beware!

46. I do not understand the first paragraph.

47. These mysteries are inscrutable to me, as stated in the text. Later (A in j, Anno V) I note that the letters of the Book are the letters of the Book of Enoch; and are stars, or totems of stars. (See 15th Aire in Liber 418.) So that he shall divine it shall be a Magus, 9°=2°.

48 - 62. Appears to be a plain instruction in theology and ethics. I do not understand “Din.” Bahlasti = 358, and Ompehda perhaps 210.

63. A fact. 

64 - 67. This too shall be proven to him who will and can. 

68. A fact. 

69. I take this as a promise that the Law shall duly be established.

70 - 72. A final pronouncement of His attributes. I do not know the exactmeaning 01 v, 71. [Later, (A in g, Anno VII,) Yes: I do.]
    Coph Nia. I cannot trace this anywhere; but KOPhNIA adds to 231. Nia is Ain backwards; Coph suggests Qoph. All very unsatisfactory.

73. Done. (See Comment on III. 47.)

74. Perhaps refers to the addition of the name to 418. But Khephra is the Sun at midnight in the North. Now in the North is Taurus, the Bull, Apis the Redeemer, the Son.

75. The ending of the words is the ending of the Work - Abrahadabra.
    The Book is written, as we see; and concealed - from our weak understanding.
    Aum-Ha, אעם equals 111, הא equals 6. 111x666=666, the Seal of the Beast. Note well that אעם with a ם final adds to 671, Throa, the Gate, Adonai spelt in full, etc. etc. Using the Keys of Aum Ha, we get XII.+XV.+O, and IV.+O, their sum 31 = לא, Not.